Tertulia Para Asustar A Los Notarios

Alejandro Ferrer, professor of Literature at St. Augustine College (Left) interviews Fernando Olszanski Argentinian novelist after his reading from one of his novels during “Tertulia Para Asustar A Los Notarios” (“Poetry  Gathering to scare Notaries”), a literature workshop held at St. Augustine College’s Charlie Chaplin Auditorium on October 20, 2012.

Latino poets and writers, among the best Spanish writers in Chicago, shared their works with those in attendance. The event began during the 1990s at St. Augustine College (SAC) and returned this year with the purpose of transforming the Charlie Chaplin Auditorium into a "Temple of Culture" for the educational benefit of our students and the Latino community of Chicago More than 80 people attended and enjoyed an informal dinner prepared by SAC’s students from the Culinary Arts Program. SAC  will continue to sponsor this type of poetry and literary gathering every  fall semester. SAC  will also  present award winning Spanish language movies subtitled in English beginning in February of 2013, the result of a partnership with the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago. If you are interested in learning more about these activities, you may contact Prof. Alejandro Ferrer at AFerrer@staugustine.edu for details.