Celebrate the Future Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Celebrate the Future Hispanic Scholarship Fund 
Celebrate the Future will award eight $7,500 scholarships to Hispanic Illinois residents who are 21 and over and want to pursue or are currently pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in Hospitality.  $60,000 will be awarded in 2011.  Potential candidates may submit their applications directly to www.celebratethefuture.com after clicking on the link "Apply NOW."

The following questions are the basis for the essay (500 words or fewer) applicants are expected to write:
·  What is your background? (Where you come from, previous work experience in Hospitality, etc.)
·  What is your inspiration? (What made you pick Hospitality, what do you want to do with an MBA or a Business Undergrad Degree relating to Hospitality)
·  What is your aspiration? (What will you do once you're out of school? Why do you deserve the Scholarship?)
·  What is your long term goal/how will you give back to the Hispanic Community?

For more information call Andre Gutierrez at 847-971-1458 or e-mail agutierrez@estudia.org, and to learn more about the scholarship please visit: www.celebratethefuture.com